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Dexter is the minimalist Pokedex.

Designed to be fast and fluid for use competitively or for new comers. Using a very easy to learn navigation system that uses swipes to make going between pages as easy as possible, it has a nice feeling to navigation. Clicking on any Pokemon will instantly open a page to view all of their associated information.


Main Page - The main page is a collection of dexes that are quick to access by a swipe. It contains Pokedex, Movedex, Abilitydex, Caughtdex, Teamdex and Typedex. Information on each page can be found below.

Pokemon Page - The Pokemon page is a collection of related information about that Pokemon, it is also navigated with swipes. It contains Main, Type, and Verus. Information on each page can be found below.

Main Pages:

Pokedex - A list of all current Pokemon with their associated type and number. With searching by name, it's possible to find the right Pokemon instantly. With a normal press, you can view that Pokemon. With a long press, you can also mark Pokemon as caught or add them to you team directly from the list. You can also hide all caught Pokemon so you can see the ones that have eluded you.

Movedex - A list of all current Pokemon moves with their types. With a simple press you get all the valuable information in a simple to read pop-up.

Abilitydex - A list of all current Pokemon abilities with their descriptions. A single press will bring up a pop-up to show the entire description of the ability.

Caughtdex - A list of all caught Pokemon, if you have listed a Pokemon as caught, it will be here. You can also clear it by using the menu and selecting 'Clear Caught'.

Teamdex - A list of all Pokemon on your team. This is used for newer players to help keep track of their team for easy access. It also is used for the "Verus" page when viewing a Pokemon.

Typedex - Two spinners are used to list all types, and by selecting one or two types, you are able to quickly and easy check their strengths and weaknesses. This is useful for newer players who haven't memorized all the damages.

Pokemon Pages:

Main - The Main page shows basic information about the selected Pokemon. This includes base stats, number, type, a sprite, and their evolution chain. You can also click any Pokemon on the evolution chain to instantly view that Pokemon's stats.

Type - The Type page is similar to the Typedex as it shows the strengths and weakness of the selected Pokemon's type.

Verus - The Verus page is for newer players and uses your Team to suggest Pokemon to use against the selected Pokemon. For example, in the photo showing the page, it has 'Ivysaur' selected, and suggest that the player use 'Charmander' as he has a type advantage.

[ Dedicated to Cortney - Will always be here for you. ]

Legal - I do not own Pokemon, this is just for education and used under Fair Use. Please support the makers of Pokemon.

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