Custom Pack HD TSF Shell Theme





--- ANDROID 4.1 ---
Theme doesn't show on 4.1.1. contact me by mail if you want it. then I send you an apk not encrypted.

Customize your smartphone has never been so easy. Change yout theme every day and try different color combinations.
I invite you to kick back and enjoy the experience and the influence that color have on each one of us!

--- COLORS & MOOD ---
Red: power, strength, excitement warmth and passion.
Orange: enthusiasm, stimulation, energy and exuberance.
Yellow: happines, stimulation, clear thinking.
Green: freshness, coolness, calmness, clarity and growth.
Blue: calminng, intuiton, spiritual and cooling
Purple: pure, mysticism, sensitivity, creativity and love.

The theme have:
- 7 HD icon front
- 12 HD wallpaper
- 40 icons, but I actualy add more icon.
- send me email with a list of your application that not have icon and I'll do it.

There is a problem with android v. 4.1.1. The doesn't show in the theme manager. We are looking for.
The icon have two layer, one back and one up. Select the voice Icon from TSF Shell left menu and tap on right icon up. If you have some problem please contact me on gmail.
If you want new icon for some application please contact on gmail or visit this page:

1-Download Custom HD Theme from google play.
2-Install Custom HD Theme and click DONE.
3-Open TSF Shell menu and select Theme.
4-Click on Custom HD Theme and apply.

For any problem please contact me on gmail before you rate this file. Thanks.

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Sobre esta App

  • Version: 4.0
  • Tamaño: 4,1M
  • OS: Android
  • Requisitos: 2.1 o superior
  • Dispositivos: Esta aplicación se ha desarrollado para teléfonos Android
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