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This application is free, but you will have to buy at least one voice with inApp Billing into the application. (EUR 3.99/voice - EUR 11.99/voice for Children Premium voices)

In case of issues, please write us an email (
For questions & installation instruction, visit


91 voices perfectly integrated with the TTS Service (from Android 2.2 to 4.x).

Your Android device can now speak up to 30 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Chinese, Danish, German, Greek, Japanses, English (US, UK, India, Australia), Spanish (European & American), Finnish, French (France and Canada), Swedish (& dialects), Italian, Dutch (NL & Belgium), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (European & Brazilian), Russian, Turkish

Download the Acapela TTS Voices app, buy & download one or several voices, and get immediate capability to
- read aloud texts from your e-book or news,
- navigate with Google Navigation or other GPS apps,
- hear real time translation
- learn languages with audio feedback
- give the say to a wide range of other TTS-enabled apps...

Of course, these voices are compatible with Android Accessibility features and screen readers (Google TalkBack, Code Factory Mobile Speak, …)

***** Download of voice data *****

1/ Tap the application icon. However, beforehand, heck that you have a valid data connection, as the app needs to contact the server to check voice status.
2/ If you have more than one Google account, select the one associated with your Google Play account.
WARNING: you will not be able to change this afterwards. In case of error, uninstall the application and install it again.
3/ Browse the list of voices retrieved from our servers.
4/ Tap on a voice and a menu will appear:
• ‘Listen to the voice’ will read you a sample sentence
• ‘Buy’ will open an in-app Billing window, asking for confirmation of your purchase
5/ After purchase, the voice will appear with a green arrow icon. Click on it and choose ‘download’ to retrieve the voice data from our servers.
6/ The voice will be downloaded from the servers. Note: the amount of data to download is between 20 & 30 MB. If you don't have a ‘flat’ data plan, consider connecting your smartphone to a Wi-Fi access point instead of using your GPRS/3G connection.
7/ If errors occur during downloading, please check that:
• Your device has a valid data connection
• The SD card is available and not mounted on your computer
• Your device hasn’t lost the network connection while downloading
In case of permanent error, restart the application and/or retry later. If the problem persists, select ‘Log’ in application settings and describe your problem.

***** Default Android Engine *****

8/ If this is the first time you have downloaded a voice, you will have to set up your device in order to set Acapela TTS as the default TTS.
• Go to Android ‘Settings’ and browse to ‘Voice Input & Output’ -> Text-to-Speech Settings’.
• Scroll down to the ‘Engines’ list (Not for ICS 4.0)
• Check ‘Acapela TTS’ in order to enable it among the default engines.
• Scroll up and go into ‘Default engine’ ("Preferred Engine on ICS 4.0)
• Select ‘Acapela TTS’ again.
9/ If you have installed several Acapela Voices, you can also select a default voice and language into the settings
• Go to Android ‘Settings’ and browse to ‘Voice Input & Output’ -> ‘Text-to-Speech Settings’.
• If not yet done, set Acapela TTS as a default engine, as described in 8/
• Go into the Language configuration and select your preferred Acapela Voice. (On ICS 4.0 and higher, Language configuration is available after a click on the setting icon, on the right of Acapela TTS)
10/ Press "Listen to an Example" (mandatory, in order to activate the voice)

By downloading this software, you accept implicitly our licensing agreement:

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  • OS: Android
  • Requisitos: 2.2 o superior
  • Dispositivos: Esta aplicación se ha desarrollado para teléfonos Android
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