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Mozart Effect,Prenatal Music,6 Series,13 CD,151 classical music,Let baby win at the starting line
[3 CD] Let baby win at the starting line (0 - 6 months)
[3 CD] The miracle of classical music(7 - 15 months)
[3 CD] Mozart Effect:Listen more,smart more
[1 CD] Teletubbies - Baby soothing music
[2 CD] The Abbott infant appease the Music
[1 CD] Natural sounds

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DISC 1 Let baby win at the starting line (0 - 6 months)

Mozart: little ducks swim in the water
Mozart: Rape flowers
Mozart: Posing as Grandpa
Mozart: Riding a horse go to the fair
Mozart: Snail's home
Mozart: Morning glory
Mozart: A portrait
Mozart: Help Tadpole Looking for Mom

DISC 2 Let baby win at the starting line (0 - 6 months)

Tchaikovsky: Dance The Prince and Candy Fairy
Tchaikovsky: Dance Candy Fairy
Tchaikovsky: Waltz snow wizard
Rimsky Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee
Rimsky - Korsakov:Ocean and the ship
Stravinsky: The Firebird's Dance
Claude Debussy: Dolls
Claude Debussy: Happy Angel
Claude Debussy: Pushing Cart
Tchaikovsky: Overture
Tchaikovsky: Beautiful Wizard
Tchaikovsky: Elegant wizard
Tchaikovsky: Bread crumbs
Tchaikovsky: Canary
Tchaikovsky: Health Wizard
Tchaikovsky: Lilac
Tchaikovsky: Dance of Cinderella and the Wolf
Tchaikovsky: The little finger with its brothers

DISC 3 Let baby win at the starting line (0 - 6 months)

Beethoven: For Elise
Beethoven: Passion
Mozart: Turkey March
Bach: Little Artist
Schumann: The Forest Population
Schumann: an ambush Hunter
Schumann: Lonely Flower
Schumann: Scary place
Schumann: Relaxed and happy place
Schumann: Roadside Inn
Schumann: Robin
Schumann: Hunting songs
Schumann: Farewell
Schubert: Moment musical
Chopin: Nocturne step
Chopin: Mazurka
Schumann: the white clown
Schumann: new garment clown
Schumann: Lure
Schumann: Qianlinuo
Tchaikovsky: Waltz of depression
Tchaikovsky: June Barcarolle
Tchaikovsky: song of the autumn October

DISC 1 The miracle of classical music(7 - 15 months)

Schumann: Strange country and the people
Schumann: Cynical remark
Schumann: Hide and Seek
Schumann: Children begging
Schumann: Meet
Schumann: Events
Schumann: Fantasia
Schumann: Fireside
Schumann: Knight riding a bamboo horse
Schumann: Make a serious state
Schumann: Intimidate
Schumann: The baby fell asleep
Schumann: The poet says
Claude Debussy: Sail
Claude Debussy: Tableland
Claude Debussy: Rain garden
Claude Debussy: Buoy
Claude Debussy: Dr.
Claude Debussy: Elephant Lullaby
Claude Debussy: Serenade Doll
Claude Debussy: Snow Dance
Claude Debussy: Little Shepherd
Claude Debussy: Gerry 's cake

DISC 2 The miracle of classical music(7 - 15 months)

Olav Bergsland,Mozart: Flower Fairy‘s Basket
Huldra-Mi,Mozart: Flight of the Bumblebee
Mozart: Small helmsman
Mozart: Adagio
Mozart: Rondo
Mozart: Overture
Mozart: Papa Keno's aria
Mozart: Shuttle between the clouds
Mozart: Swimming fish


☆ Teletubbies - Baby soothing music,
A. quiet - a wave of the early accumulation (Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata)
B. sunny - transforming the nature of the deep motivation to the positive side (Schubert · D minor Serenade)
C. relax - a wave of upgrades to 9-12 Hz (Mozart a minor Piano Concerto No. 23)
D. peace of mind - "F one-shock" (Elgar Enigma Variations)
E. warmth - a wave to 12-14 Hz (Debussy Moonlight Piano Pieces)

☆ The Abbott infant appease the Music Section A
A. Indonesia folk songs - "Baby"
B. Saint-Saens - "The Swan"
C. Brahms - "Lullaby"
D. Tuosai Li - "Serenade"
E. Gounod - "Ave Maria."
F. Schumann - "Fantasia."
G. Goddard - "Lullaby"

☆ The Abbott infant appease the Music Section B
A. Indonesia folk songs - "Xing Xingsuo"
B. Schubert - "Lullaby"
C. Dvorak - Humoresque
D. Schubert - "Serenade"
E. Liszt - "Dream of Love"

☆ Natural sounds_large.jpg

Birds Choir
Monkey Dialogues
Frog symphonic poem
Insects Concerto

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